Saturday, April 18, 2009

Koil KickFest 2009 Speak Louder !

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Rock band from Bandung, Koil (at MySpace) live show concert performance on event KickFest 2009 Speak Loader at Jogja Expo Center (JEC), Bantul, Jogjakarta. (18/04/2009). Comes with complete musicians, Otong/J.A.V (vocalist/master of ceremonies), Doni Donnijantoro (guitarist/vocal sopranos), Imo/Ibrahim Nasution (guitarist/vocalist), Leon Ray Legoh (drummer/metronome) and Adam Vladvamp (bassist/synthesizer/vocalist) entertain the audience. The Euphoria of the crowds is exquisite, they singing together and sometimes do slamming or moshing on area. The lead vocalist who have tattoo act like as photographer, he is taking shoot to capture the crowds and audience.
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